Advanced AWS Meetup

Sponsor the Advanced AWS Meetup


The Advanced AWS Meetup is an independent group of over 1700 people who meet once a month in San Francisco. It is a practitioner lead meetup.

Typical agenda:

~5:30pm Set up venue.
~5:45pm Food arrives.
6:00pm Doors open. Food and drinks are served during networking.
6:30pm START. Announcements.
6:40pm Food and drink sponsor talk.
6:50pm Venue sponsor talk.
7:00pm Main presentations.
8:30pm Finish. More networking.
9:00pm Everyone out of the building.


Every month we need a venue to meet, and food and drinks for our members. This is where sponsors come in.

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As a thank you for sponsoring, you get:

  • 5-10 minutes before the main presentation to speak to our audience.
  • 1 paragraph of space on the event page with a link to your website.
  • Your paragraph included in the emails we send to our members.

When presenting, keep in mind that sales pitches do not work. No one likes them and you will alienate yourself from this group. Instead, be informative and educational. Tell us specifically what problem you are solving, how to use it with AWS, and what the pros and cons are. Honesty will get you respect.

Venue Sponsors

We are looking for places to host our meetup. Ideally:

  • In San Francisco
  • Cool office with a nice meeting space
  • Seating for at least 70 people
  • Projector
  • Microphone

It costs nothing to be a Venue Sponsor. You are providing a space for us to meet and talk. If you want security or something you can pay for that, but that certainly isn’t necessary.

Where have we been? A shortened list includes: Airbnb, Linkedin, Lyft, New Relic, Octa, PagerDuty and Zendesk.

Events officially start at 6pm and end at 9pm.

Food and Drink Sponsors

Often, we are approached by vendors who want tell our group about their products and services. That is fine as long as you pay for food and drinks for that meetup. You are welcome to split the cost with another vendor if you choose.


We have no special arrangements with any company. You are free to use whatever caterer or delivery service you like. This gives you complete control over the budget.

Predicting the attendance is a black art. We generally have over 150 RSVPs (please monitor this on the day before), but expect 40-50% to actually show up.

Please don’t ask us to organize it for you as dealing with expense reimbursements is too much of a burden on both parties.


For a rough guide, cold beer, soda and water delivered to the venue for 70 people is about $200. Some people use TaskRabbit for this.

Food is about $400-500 depending on what you would like to serve.

Types of Food and Drinks

Pizza and beer is standard, but if you really want to stand out, be creative. What you serve does reflect on your brand.

Anki had a fantastic selection of gourmet sausages and hot dogs, while Boundary had Sushi and Sake. Six Nines IT did BBQ and Bourbon. It is up to you. Just include some small vegetarian option (bonus points for something gluten free).

The food should arrive at the venue between 5:45pm and 6:00pm.

Premium Sponsors

For 2016 we are introducing premium sponsors. This is for those that want to be included all year round. The benefits:

  • Your logo on the page for all of 2016.
  • 1 paragraph of text with a link to your website to be included our event details page.
  • A thank you note and link to your website in emails we send to our 1700+ members.
  • Recognition as our sponsor at the beginning of every meetup.
  • Two reserved seats at every event.
  • Permission to use the Advanced AWS Meetup branding on your website and in your newsletters.
  • Flat fee: $10k for the whole year.
  • Limited to 2 sponsors.

If this sounds interesting to you, please fill out our sponsorship form and we will get in touch with you.

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