Advanced AWS Meetup

Advanced AWS Meetup


The Advanced AWS Meetup is an independent group of over 1700 people who meet once a month in San Francisco. As a practitioner lead meetup, we have some very ambitious goals. Those are:

  • Eat and drink
  • Build a community of AWS users
  • Share knowledge and learn something new
  • Make new friends
  • Have fun

How Advanced is this meetup?

The simple answer is: Not very.

We make 2 assumptions:

  • You are already using AWS

    It is not our job to sell you on AWS vs something else. That is Amazon’s job. We expect our members to have already chosen AWS and want to learn how to take full advantage of it’s awesomeness.

  • You know where the AWS documentation is

    AWS has gigabytes of documentation, videos and tutorials. Doing an intro session on “What is EC2” would be redundant. Please enjoy the bootcamps at the AWS Loft for those.

Typical agenda:

6:00pm Doors open. Food and drinks are served.
6:30pm Presentations start.
8:30pm Finish. Networking.
9:00pm Everyone out of the building.

How do I participate?

Please join us on and attend an upcoming session:

What do we need?

Our group is entirely volunteer driven and relies on your involvement to make it a success. We are always looking for speakers and sponsors.


We need you - the people that use AWS day in and day out.

We love having people that:

  • Share their experiences:
    • Funny stories
    • Horror stories
    • How did you survive?
    • How did you come out the other side?
  • Share code and tools:
    • We have had talks from the creators of Empire, JAWS (now Serverless) and Hologram.
  • Tell us how they do it:
    • Deployment
    • Monitoring & Logging
    • Architecture
    • Networking
    • Security
    • Reliability
    • Performance

>> I want to speak! <<

What we don’t want are sales pitches for products. If you are a vendor, we welcome you to sponsor our meetup instead.

Sponsorship Opportunities

We have a number of options for sponsorship to suit your budget.

More details for sponsors